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"Do It For The Cake" Meme

Exactly what it says right there. Character A has a great plan to get free cake, and they need Character B's help to make it work! All they have to do is pretend to be engaged for a few hours, and they can both have some free wedding samples. Easy-peasy.

Whether they're friends, strangers, or already married, for the next two hours, they're engaged and desperately need to test some cake samples. For their upcoming wedding, of course.
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[ Mithos and Shiroe get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes. ] + [ Shiroe has something that Mithos desperately wants or needs. Shiroe won't give it up easily. ]

goddamn I gotta get a job done )
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1. comment with your character with character name and canon in the subject line. click random icon-- that icon will be your writing/scenario prompt!
2. taggers reply by also hitting random icon, and coming up with a response for that icon. try not to change the icons!
3. remember, your icons are the tag prompts!
4. rinse and repeat, be one with the madness :)
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[Do you want to build a pillow fort?]

[ The war in the Grasslands may have ended, but there was never a shortage of issues to address. In addition to the usual, he had to keep to his word and attempt to help Le Buque, and that was becoming an uphill battle. It didn't leave him much free time, but maybe he shouldn't complain about that.

It seemed he would have the evening to himself, though, provided no-one came to him. With that thought in mind, he entered what was his sitting room, expecting to make himself comfortable and let himself unwind, but that plan didn't last long after opening the door.

Books were on the floor, drawers were open, seat cushions were mixed and matched everywhere. It had been ransacked without anyone even noticing a break-in.

...For good reason, he soon realized, as his eyes finally fell on the what looked like a young boy ducking under some of the overturned pillows. At worse, he was just a diversion or a poor choice of spy, at best...Sasarai wasn't really sure. But he would take this one step at a time. Coming forward, he was soon crouching a short distance away. ]

I hope you know I can still see you there.
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[based on this meme]

Karol sighed moodily, shoving aside a flyer that had been sitting on his table for a few days. The flyer announced the bug-catching and fishing festival, which...had taken place yesterday. And he had totally lost.

After all the claims he'd made that he could catch more bugs than anyone, he'd been too scared to even grab a single one. Of course, he knew he hated bugs, but he couldn't just stay quiet when he was issued a challenge! He didn't know how he'd ever recover from this humiliation, he thought as he leaned his elbow on the windowsill.

...Oh, his plants needed to be watered. Being in such a gloomy mood, he almost didn't feel like doing it, but he at least knew well enough that he'd regret it later if they died on him. So with a sigh, he trudged outside with his watering can and started at the side of the house.
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At this point, Yuri was pretty sure he'd raised his eyebrows so high that they'd become part of his hair. He'd be willing to bet that even Estelle had never read any stories that involved getting kidnapped part of a family.

He could say that it was the weirdest part. Weirder than waking up in a strange city with all its too-neat rows of houses, neat enough to be a nobles' quarter but far too samey. Nobles liked to stand out as gaudy centres of attention, not all blend in to each other.

The papers were crumpled in his hand as he turned his back on the house to look around instead. What he ended up finding were some answers, but none that really pleased him: people in the same situation, some happy, some resigned; the big guy's house, which he couldn't even break into; and boundaries that couldn't be passed.

He sure felt like someone's toy right now.

The searching had tired him out a little--more mentally than physically--so he made his not-so-triumphant return to..."his" house. Well, fine, he'd play along for the moment and check the place out.

He used his new set of keys to unlock the door, waltzing in without removing his boots, and started poking around. He doubted he'd find anything useful in here, though.


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